T A M A R   S H A H A R



Born in Brazil, 1985. Lives and work as artist in Israel.



2008-13    B.ed.fa, Hamidrasha School of Arts, Beit Berl college, Israel.

                 specializing in art and education. Graduated with high honors.  

2000-04    Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts.    


Solo Exhibition

2017     Misplace,Cuckoo's nest, Tel Aviv.  Curator: Marina Pozner

2013     Midrash Raba, Beit Kenner, the municipal gallery of the city of Rishon Lezion.IL. Curator: Efi Gen  


Selected Group Exhibitions


           Cave. part of the fresh paint fair.TLV.  Curators: Yoad bar noy and Limor Tamir

           From now on. Selected Graduates Exhibition.Edmond de Rothschild Foundation. Curator: Noga Davidson.

           Talking Art in the White City. Project One Ahad Ha'am 100, Tel Aviv Curator: Marina Pozner.

           No Body. Not land. Not blood. Not a land. the Bar-David Museum, Kibbutz Baram. Curator: Avi Ifergan.


           Clay Walls, Central Gallery, Tel Aviv Curator: Ilan Moyal.

           Print Screen - Yami Aichi Fair, Meditech Museum, Holon. Curator: Marina Pozner.

           In the white of the eyes, the cuckoo's nest. Curators: Roni Mero and Nimrod Jacques Elazar.

           Permanent exhibition, Jaffa Salon of Art Gallery.

           To Take Air, Group Installation Exhibition, Hamamal 21 Gallery, Haifa. Curators: Shari Dove and Reut Ohana.

           Art & Show Room TLV Event, Florentine Quartet Gallery. Curators: Marina Posner and Rei Leon.

           Kingdom, group installation exhibition, Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tali Kayam.

           Deeper-Day n'Night, installations, installations and music. The Block, Tel Aviv. Curator: Idan Shaft.


            I Was Here, cuckoo's nest.TLV Curator: Marina Pozner.

            Cube Salon, Group Painting Exhibition, Jerusalem. Curators: Ella Cohen and Nasover, Dan Orimian.

            HAIHATUS INTERNATIONAL6, Gallery Haithatus, Finland. Curator: Maria Metesanen.

            Zuider festival, installation and sculpture workshop for the public. Netherlands.

            POP ART GALA Art sale, 4Florentin gallery. Tel Aviv.  Curator: Korin Abisdris.

            Dulcinea, Cuckoo's nest, Tel Aviv.  Curator: Marina Pozer

             Art Sale For the benefit of Levinsky  Library. Tel Aviv, IL.  Curator: Ravit Harari.


             HAIHATUS INTERNATIONAL 5, Haihatus gallery, Finland. Curator: Merja Metsänen

             A Glance on the Kibbutz, Bar-David Museum of Art and Judaica, Kibbutz Baram. Curator: Avi Ifergan.     

             Ash Artline, Bascola, Tel Aviv.  Curators: Marina Pozer and Merav Pri-Dvash.   

             Domestication, Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture  Tel Aviv. Curator: Hagar Brill.     

2015     Rock, Paper & Scissors, Gigiart Gallery, Tel Aviv.   Curator: Orly Roman.  

2013     Graduates Exhibition,  Hamidrasha School of Arts, Beit Berl college, IL. Curators: Lihi Chen and Rami Maimon.  

2012     MessMedia, Digital art fair, Sapir Center, Kfar Saba, IL.  Curator: Alona Friedberg 

2011     Secretly, Mazeh 9 the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Center for Young Adults. Curators: Ben Hgari  and Uri Nir                       . 

2004     Project 57, Hamisrad gallery, Tel Aviv.  Curator: Rachel Sukman. 

2004     Graduates Exhibition, Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts.  Curator: Hagit Kahn 

2003     Current Affairs, young contemporary artists reference to reality, Ramat Eliyahu ArtGallery. curator: Gil Goren.  


Grants and Awards


2013          Scholarship for excellence in Arts, Hamidrasha School of Arts, Beit Berl college, IL.  

2012          Silver Family Foundation grant.  

2009          Givatayim Foundation Fellowship to encourage undergraduate higher education.  

2004          The Maya Patael Foundation for excellence in Art. 



2017     Kra Kra Lutcha. Enschede, Holland.

             Zuider festival. Enschede, Holland.

2016     Haihatus. Jotsa, Finland

             Bar David Museum. Kibbutz Baraam, Israel.




2017      Into the void - Into The Void Magazine. Issue 5. 2017 . Dublin, Ireland

2017      Zrif -  Journal of The Department of Hebrew Literature at the Ben-Gurion University. Vol 4

2004      Terminal-  Journal of 21st Century Art – Terminal Vol. 22 Autumn 2004.