Born in 1985 in Brazil. Graduated in 2013 with high honors from the Faculty of Art -HaMidrasha at Beit Berel Academic College in Israel. 
Since then held a solo exhibition at Beit Kaner, Municipal Art Gallery, Rishon Lezion and have been working various art projects in gallery and museum exhibitions and as an educator of art.

An artist who Engaged in a wide range of subjects and mediums such as Drawing / Performance -

Video /installation - Sculpture and an educator. 


My artistic practice revolves around stretching the medium capabilities and creating layers of

I use painting, drawings and video, and research themes such as nature/botanic world,
roots, territory, identity, and memory.

In 1985 I was adopted by a Russian Jewish family and moved from Brazil where I was born to Israel.

While trying to define myself, my identity became kaleidoscopic, fragile, inhabiting stories, memories, and blend influences. The gap between my origins, reality, and imagination, grew and became a twilight zone, in which, I could not distinguish what is true or false anymore.

In today multi-cultural world, post-nationalistic atmosphere,
immigration gets a different meaning, and moving from one place to the other evokes interesting
questions between migrants and hosts. I found those topics intriguing, and went on a genealogical
journey to Curitiba, and faced the contradiction between my European upbringing, and the African
tribes from Brazil, I researched in different means. My recent works were created from the failure of
creation a homogenous identity after my journey, and is full of hybrid creatures, continually
changing, although remaining somehow unique.